Monday, October 13, 2014

Hyperbole and a Half by: Allie Brosh

Allie Brosh started a blog back in 2009 called Hyperbole and a Half and after a ton of success on the internet decided, along with other people, that she should make a book. The book has a lot of the amazing stories from her blog and a handful of new ones to go with them. Brosh takes us through awkward situations from her past using humor and sarcasm.

My Thoughts:
I first fell in love with Hyperbole and a Half my junior year of high school after my friend Sam showed it to me while we avoided doing work in Newspaper. I've been meaning to pick up this book since it came out but either couldn't find it or got distracted by other books in the shop. Going in I definitely had high expectations for the book, and they were not only met but surpassed. I loved everything about it. The stories she chose from her blog were some of my favorites and the new ones were just as funny. But one thing I loved is that even though she approached certain topics in the book, like depression, with humor she didn't make a joke out of it. Her bit on depression was really well done, and the way she described it humanized it in a way I think will help people understand the disorder. 

This book is without a doubt a 5/5 stars for me, I'm so happy to have finally gotten my hands on it. 

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