Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Shelf

So yesterday I finally caved and bought a third bookshelf. I now have a wall of books. A wall. Granted, my shelves happen to share that wall with the door, but other than the door, it's all books and makes me extremely happy. The only problem now is that the three shelves are already almost full, I have a serious book buying problem, and I have no idea where I could fit a fourth shelf in my room. I suppose I could just rearrange my room when the room when the time comes. And who really needs a dresser?

Anyways, in case you're curious, I get my shelves from Wal-Mart because they're relatively cheap but not completely terrible. I do have to put a different backing on them, though. In the box you get this little cardboard backing which are completely useless at supporting your shelf. So I just run over to Lowe's or Home Depot and have them cut a piece of plywood out for me. I also spray paint the backs because it's a really fun way to make the shelf a bit more unique.

Have some (kinda awful) photos of the beauty,:

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  1. I am definitely jealous of your book shelves! I adore the pink one! So pretty and eye catching :)